Gregory Organizational Leadership Solutions

"During a coffee meet with Sonya, I immediately picked up on her inquisitive mind probing to understand my business and her passionate delivery over the steps I can implement to improve my company's bottom line.  Sonya's intelligence, listening and forward thinking, helped create the path of many positive changes within the firm and a strong pattern of training and retaining human capital." - Ioana Grigori, Director of Corporate Operation


Do you want the magic formula that takes the guess work out of finding the right person for the job in an easy, efficient and accurate manner?

Do you want the secret to unlocking superior performance

with your team using factual data?

​Do you want to stop losing money on turnover and bad hires 

that cost the company 5x the person's salary?

Sonya Gregory of GOL Solutions provides the answers to these critical questions by examining 3 stages of an employee's life cycle

"Prior to meeting Sonya I found myself in a professional role that I was seemingly not well suited for. It wasn’t until I began working with Sonya on an individual basis when I began to thrive. She had an impeccable sense of my potential and helped me achieve it by navigating my strengths and weaknesses. I owe a great deal of my professional and personal growth to her ability and passion for coaching others." - Christina Chin, Sales & Marketing 

"Sonya Gregory of GOL Solutions did an amazing job working with my staff and me at our company retreat. She was thorough in her explanation of personality testing and she shed light on the inner workings of each type. We learned so much about ourselves and each other that day and it has directly impacted our rapport and communication. And, most importantly, we had fun doing it. I highly recommend her as a “leader” in leadership skills."  - Joanna Kane, Kane Accounting Solutions, Inc.​