"Leadership is not a title, it is a lifestyle of putting others before yourself.  When this is done, amazing results will happen!" 

- Sonya Gregory

​​​Sonya Gregory is a management consultant, executive coach, trainer, and inspirational leader.  She is passionate about helping people recognize the leadership abilities within themselves and assist in creating successful team environments. 

Combining her 20 years of practical management experience, along with her knowledge in organizational leadership, communication and the behavioral sciences, Sonya helps create successful leaders, teams, and organizations.

During her time as an executive, Sonya observed that communication was the key to effective leadership and profitable teamwork.  She believes that superior leadership can enable the individual, team, and organization to achieve increased profits, goals, and retention of great employees.  Throughout her career, Sonya has been passionate about helping people and businesses recognize their untapped potential in taking their company to the next level of leading people.

Sonya holds a Master’s degree from Norwich University in Organizational Leadership, a Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in Communication, and several professional certifications.  She is a lifetime learner and loves when her clients, friends, and family offer a different perspective on life experiences.  Recognized as a compassionate individual, Sonya is also known for her engaging sense of humor and energetic personality.

Sonya looks forward to presenting you with the key to unlocking the door to enhanced communication, profitable teamwork, and superior   leadership. 

ABOUT GOL Solutions

​Sonya Gregory



GOL Solutions has the "magic formula" to help you hire, train, and retain your employees at a superior level.  Whether you're looking to hire more star performers for your team or communicate more effectively with your employees, we can help.

There is a clear connection between engagement, performance and profit.  So when it comes to transforming your company into a high-performance workplace, the GOL Solutions process focuses on 3 key stages: hiring, training and retaining. 

​By optimizing each of the 3 key stages through our signature strategies, like Job Matching, Benchmarking and Assessments, GOL Solutions will help you improve business culture, seize market position and stimulate growth.

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