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In a recent study by Freedman and Stillman of Sixseconds, leaders were asked, “What are the top issues you face at work?”, 76% of the leaders referenced people and communication compared to the 24% who stated financial and technical challenges.  This is alarming!

It is effective leadership and communication that remains the ultimate competitive advantage over finance, strategy, and technology that separate the great companies from the average.  Studies show the actions of the leader are the most important factor in sustaining an organization.  Leaders create the environment that drives profits, teamwork, productivity, and performance expectations that motivate a high level of job satisfaction.

GOL Solutions will SHOW individuals HOW to solve conflicts, build productive teams, improve communication and build profitable leaders through modern strategies. 

Sonya Gregory is a management consultant, executive coach, trainer, and inspiration visionary.  Her passion is to help people recognize the leadership abilities within themselves and to assist in creating successful team environments. 

Sonya combines her 20 years of practical management experience and her knowledge in organizational leadership, communication, and the behavioral sciences to create successful leaders, teams, and organizations.

As an executive, Sonya observed that communication was the key to effective leadership and profitable teamwork especially with unexpected change.  Great leadership enables the individual, team, and organization to achieve increased profits, goals, and retention of good employees.  Throughout her career, Sonya has been passionate about helping people and organizations see their untapped potential in taking their company to the next level of leading people.

Sonya holds a master’s degree from Norwich University in Organizational Leadership, a Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in Communication, and several professional certifications.  She is a lifetime learner and enjoys when her clients, friends, and family share different ways to look at situations and life.  Recognized as a compassionate individual with an energetic personality, Sonya is also known for her engaging sense of humor.

Sonya looks forward to presenting you with the key to unlocking the door to enhanced communication, profitable teamwork, and top notch   leadership. 

Gregory Organizational Leadership Solutions

ABOUT GOL Solutions

Difficult bosses, personality clashes, toxic environments, poor communication, and dysfunctional teams exist in every company to a certain degree.  When not addressed and monitored, a company is losing a tremendous amount of money and good people, to mediocre or poor leadership. 

In order to solve these challenges, we all have taken insightful training classes or read a recommended business book but what happens between then and now?  Like most people you were inspired but you didn’t know how to tailor the new technique or information to your situation.  So like most people, that knowledge quickly faded away and you went back to your old ways of conducting yourself in that same challenging environment.

GOL Solutions sets itself apart from the other companies by providing hands-on coaching and showing you HOW TO apply those techniques and skills in your business or personal life.  GOL Solutions is your partner in keeping you and your team current and accountable to applying that vital knowledge to achieving the goals of solving a conflict, creating effective teamwork, improving communication, and building profitable leaders.